This year looks to be another busy year for me.  I am thrilled
to be teaching and especially travel teaching as much as I
am.  I would love to come to your chapter to teach.  Just
email me on my availability.

Please check out my schedule on my "Schedule and
Workshop" web page.  I will be scheduling some Saturday
painting classes in my home as my schedule allows.  Keep
checking my schedule, I would love to paint with you!
View from my studio window in May 2009

This year I painted  the chicken series, Puddles,
Cruising for a Rooter and Ready for Bed?,My Cat
Counts and Poppy Puzzle.  These paintings focus on
the background and use the concept of keeping the
pathway of light.  I tried to simply this concept by
making the paintings a little smaller and without the
use of collage.

I painted Turtle Collage which is built on my prior
Turtles painting and then covered with collage.  The
first class has been sold out at the Society of
Decorative Painters convention in San Diego.  Don't
worry, they added a second class.  Red or White, the
winebottle painting is also covered with collage.

I also painted Lily Pads and Serenity. These paintings
are created with a soft brayer and a pallet knife, no
brushes were used.  Talk about working outside of the

I am looking forward to traveling to Paint For Joy!, a
shop in  St. Alberta, Alberta Canada, High Plains
Decorative Painter in Colorado, Cindy's Decorative
Painting in Merrimac New Hampshire, Illinois
Heartland Decorative Painter in Rantoul Illinois,
Sunstrokes Chapter in Florida in addition to the
painting conventions in San Diego (SDP), Artist Expo,
HOOT, Seattle and the new convention World of Color
in Washington DC.

Please be patient with me as I write the packets for
these new projects.  Typically I do not have the
opportunity to write the packets until the convention
where it is being taught approaches.  Like all of us, I
have to balance my painting, work and home
schedules.  While I enjoy writing, it is not nearly as fun
as painting, so painting is what I usually do with my
free time.
View from my studio window January 6, 2014.  It looks
pretty but it was 30 below zero and windchill  close to -60

My first DVD  has been very successful so
much so, I sold out the first order and  I
have had to order more!!
The DVD shows how to make a colorful
under painting, maintaining a pathway of
light and carving out shapes to create the
design.   The line drawing is attached as a
PDF file, just insert the DVD in your
computer, right click, select and print.

You can buy the DVD for $22, plus $4 for

I had the pleasure of traveling to Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania,  St. Charles Illinois,  Houston Texas,
Columbus Ohio, Hot Springs Arkansas,  Raleigh
North Carolina, Marlborough Massachusetts, and
Portland Oregon.
I had the added pleasure of painting with some very
talented women and made some good friends.  
Thanks so much for taking my classes,  I really
appreciate it.
I had the opportunity to demo The Mission Gold
Watercolors at the Art in the Carolinas trade show in
Raleigh North Carolina.  What a fabulous show!
I repainted my Christmas Collage and used it for my Christmas
Cards this year.  I added ribbon to help straighten some of my
Lily Pads and Serenity are painted
with a brayer and pallet knife.  NO
We updated our siding, roof and added a new front porch to our
house.  Isn't it charming?  Now to work on the landscaping and